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Table games should be easy to define and for the most part, they are. Does the game require a table? If so, it's a table game! Typical classic table games include baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker and roulette but each of these games have numerous variations with different names and rules. Some of these have become so popular that they've become well-known games in their own right, such as Spanish 21 (a variation of blackjack) and Pai Gow (an entertaining Chinese-based twist on poker).

Keeping us on our toes, some casinos decide to place what are clearly table games (ie. pontoon) into other game categories, such as 'soft/casual games' so it's worth having a look around the online casino you're playing at (and use the search facility if one is provided) to check if your game of choice is available.

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  • All drop-down menus below contain only Beacon-approved casinos. Simply select the casino you want to visit and it'll open in a new tab/window. Remember that most good casinos allow member to play these table games just for fun (free-play) as well as for real money.

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    BetsoftBetsoft Table Games

    21 Burn Blackjack21 Burn Blackjack
    21 Burn Blackjack is standard blackjack, played with six decks, with an additional 'burn' card available on each hand. Using the 'burn' card will remove your second dealt card and replace it with another card, hopefully making a better hand. Play up to three hands at a time. Using the 'burn' card will cost half the hand stake and is not included in any winnings. If the burn card is an Ace of Spades, you get x7 the burn stake, on top of normal winnings. Other aces pay x2.

    MicrogamingMicrogaming Table Games

    This standard baccarat game by Microgaming is simple and clearly displayed. It's ideal for beginners to the game, played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards, shuffled before each game. Bet on yourself or the banker, predicting who will make 9 first, or bet on a tie. 'Banker' and 'Player' bet wins will pay 1:1 (banker bets are paid 5% less). A winning tie bet pays 8:1.

    Craps is an exciting, fast-moving table game, played with dice. The game dates back hundreds, possibly thousands of years. With dozens of betting options, Craps can at first appear complicated but it's easy to learn. Five minutes is all you'll need to understand how to play Craps. Try it for free at Casino Beacon as you learn the rules.

    European Blackjack GoldEuropean Blackjack Gold
    European Blackjack Gold is a faithful, if basic, version of the classic card game. Played with two standard decks of cards (shuffled before every hand), European Blackjack Gold is a single-hand game. Features include split matching cards, (ie. AA), double down (on 9,10 or 11) and insurance (against dealer's blackjack). If you're happy playing blackjack with just one hand then European Blackjack Gold will serve you well. Game options include auto-rebet and 'quick deal' to speed things up.

    Premier RoulettePremier Roulette
    Premier Roulette by Microgaming is one of the better versions of online roulette. The game is equally well suited to beginners and pro's, with a clear layout and a good-sized 3D roulette wheel, always in view, making it easy to see where the ball lands. Premier Roulette has two game modes - Regular and Expert. You can change game speed, repeat or double bets in both modes. Expert mode is even more accommodating, offering an auto-play facility and enabling you to save up to five chip layouts that you can edit at any time.

    NetEntNetEnt Table Games

    European RouletteEuropean Roulette
    European Roulette by NetEnt has a smooth look with easy on the eye graphics. The game has hot and cold numbers, rebet, auto play and double up features. Perhaps the best addition is the option to name your stored bet combinations, you can also choose to play special bets such as black/red splits. NetEnt's European Roulette looks great but we wanted to have more to praise. We expected to see different camera angles, eg. a close up or side view of the wheel. Although another comfortable, sleek release by NetEnt, there is room for improvement.

    Mini BlackjackMini Blackjack
    Mini Blackjack is a simple but effective version of the classic table game. Mini Blackjack is a single-hand game and includes all essential features, including split, double your bet and insurance. Blackjack pays odds of 3:2. If you like your table games played straight and simple with no distracting bells and whistles then Mini Blackjack is perfect for you.

    Mini RouletteMini Roulette
    Mini Roulette is a fun twist on the famous table game, played the same as other roulette games but with a smaller table. Mini Roulette's table has only 13 numbers (0-12) instead of the usual 37. Mini Roulette allows for all usual roulette bets, including odd/even, high/low, red/black. The simple format and smaller table works surprisingly well and is lots of fun. There's a turbo mode for fast spins.

    Roulette ProRoulette Pro
    NetEnt reckon Roulette Pro is their most popular European roulette game and it's easy to see the attraction with lots of 'special bets' including hot and cold numbers, red and black splits and Orphelin bets. Regular roulette players will be keen to take advantage of these functions as they make light work of complicated bet layouts.

    Single Deck BlackjackSingle Deck Blackjack
    This version of blackjack is as simple as the game gets with just one hand to play with one deck of cards. Blackjack pays 3:2 and insurance pays 2:1. As far as we can tell, NetEnt's Single Deck Blackjack is identical to their Mini Blackjack game, just not quite as pretty. Single Deck Blackjack would be ideal for a planned, concentrated gaming session with no unwanted distractions (even from yourself) or temptations to play other boxes.

    Trey PokerTrey Poker
    NetEnt's Trey Poker is a single-hand poker game where you can win twice with one hand. The main game is standard three card poker, you hoping to beat the dealer's hand. Trey Poker has an optional 'pair up' side bet where you can win again with any pair or better, regardless of the dealer's hand. Trey Poker is an easy to learn poker game, suitable for all players, with three bet levels - low, normal and high roller.




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